South Tongu District calls on investors to explore large clay deposits

A Geological Survey research revealing large clay deposits in the South Tongu District, which could be explored for the next 200 years, has compelled the district to invite investors to explore the natural resource.

The Tefle, Vume, Lolito, Sokpoe, Atitekpo, Agbokope, Kudzragbe, Adutor and Agordomi communities host the clay which could also be exploited for production of ceramic products for both local and foreign markets.

Madam Mabel Akorfa Suitor, Assistant Development Planning Officer, South Tongu District, during the sixth Volta Trade and Investment Fair in Ho, said the district was opened and ever ready to welcome investors to help exploit the clay deposits.

She said there were also classic hotels and resorts which provided serene environment for relaxation and conferences including the Villa Cisneros Resort, Holy Trinity SPA and Health Farm, Sogakope Beach Resort and Shekinah Glory Hotel and Annex.

Madam Suitor said the Lower Volta Bridge, 650 metres long (longest bridge in Ghana) over the river Vo
lta was an attraction as well as the Avu Lagoon where endangered amphibian antelope; Sitatunga could be found.

She said the West African Football Academy (WAFA) was a sport tourist potential in the district.

Madam Suitor said cattle rearing were predominant in the district due to the absence of tsetsefly, abundance of short grasses and low rainfall pattern.

She said other livestock reared included chicken, goat, sheep, piggery, guinea fowl and duck which were on subsistence basis except cattle, poultry and few others undertaken for commercial purposes.

Madam Suitor said more investment in the rearing sector was likely to create enough wealth to improve the living conditions of the people in the district.

She said aquaculture was undertaken in various sections of the Lower Volta River, another major investment potential.

She said enormous potential also existed for commercial production and exportation of mango to both local and foreign market adding that gari production and processing also existed in th
e district.

Madam Suitor said rice and sugarcane cultivation existed in the district where sugarcane was sold at raw state and distilled into local gin.

She said it was the hope that the Volta Trade and Investment Fair would become a yearly occasion to support the regional economy and reassure investor community about the profitability of their investments in South Tongu.

Source: Ghana News Agency