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Three Moroccan Movies Honored at 33rd Carthage Film Festival

They are “life suits me well”, directed by Al Hadi Ulad-Mohand which received the prize “carthage critics’ week”.


President of the jury, Serge Albert Toubiana, said that this is a powerful movie representing a human portrait that, through remarkable performances and captivating images, carried to the screen a look full of empathy on the family wounds.


This 92-minute film tells the story of Fouad, the sole employee of a post office in a small town in northern Morocco. A neurological disease changes his life and that of his family and a new story begins for him, his wife and their children. Their home will be filled with love, grief and memories. As Fouad is about to die, his family members rediscover each other. As time passes, wounds appear, but the desire to live is insatiable.


The award for best original music went to Kamal Kamal for his work in the Moroccan film “the slave” by Abdelilah El Jaouhari, while the movie “a summer in Boujad” by Omar Mouldouira was awarded the prize of the national center for cinema and image.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse