UN Women organises set of training sessions for businesswomen in Tunisia

One hundered businesswomen will partake, October 1-November 18, in a set of training sessions organised at the initiative of the UN Women in partnership with the Orange Foundation.


These training sessions will target the governorates of Bizerte, Kairouna, Sfax and Greater Tunis, in a bid to build the capacities of businesswomen and further empower them economically, reads a UN Women press release.


The digital integration aspect in the training programme aims to identify the most important challenges to develop women’s skills in the fields of digital marketing, use of e-platforms, proper use of social networks and learning how to protect themselves against cyber risks, said the same source.


It further aims to build their capacity to identify the main stakeholders in the field of digital solidarity and to guide them in establishing partnerships according to the available resources.


The theme of financial inclusion includes the difficulties faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in finding funding sources.


Source: Tap News Agency