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UGTT members and experts praise tax measures included in 2023 Finance bill

(TAP) – Several members and experts of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) praised the measures aimed at strengthening the state’s ability to ensure the collection of its tax revenues, to expand the tax base and to bring the taxation of capital income closer to that of employees’ income.


During a meeting held on Friday with Minister of Finance, Sihem Nemssia, these experts expressed their willingness to enshrine the principle of tax justice and fair distribution of the tax burden among different taxpayers, in addition to the integration of the informal economy. They also discussed the need to set the number of beneficiaries of the flat rate system, said a statement issued by the Ministry of Finance.


The meeting was devoted to the examination of the various measures proposed in the framework of the draft finance law for the year 2023, in addition to the issues related to the economic situation and the pressures on public finances.


In turn, the members of the Executive Bureau of the UGTT have stressed the importance of the participatory approach in the implementation of the reform programme. They also stressed the need to strengthen the necessary guarantees for the vulnerable and middle categories to help them face the difficulties of the current situation.


For her part, Minister of Finance, Sihem Boughdiri Nemsia stressed that the upgrading of Tunisia’s rating by the rating agency “Fitch Ratings” and the conclusion of the support programme with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will allow Tunisia to obtain, from international donors within the framework of bilateral partnerships, the necessary funds to meet the financing needs of the country.


She recalled that the draft finance law includes a number of measures that are part of the programme to reform the tax system, fight against tax evasion, broaden the tax base and integrate the informal economy. Nemsia emphasised the importance of the social dimension in the draft finance law, stressing that the government is particularly interested in mechanisms to accompany the programme in question, especially in terms of awareness of the low and medium social categories.



Source: TAP News Agency